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Evolved Capital Goes Live, Expands To Business Development

Philadelphia, PA, December 1, 2010—Evolved Capital, an angel-backed company developing a web-based tool to streamline venture investment deal analytics and dealflow processes, announced today the full launch of its service to the public. Additionally, the Company has expanded its scope to include deal flow management for licensing transactions for life science and technology companies.

Geoff Meyerson, CEO and Founder, commented, “We’re excited to make our service available broadly to the venture community.  The addition of an easy-to-use tool to manage licensing transaction fits perfectly into our vision to improve the efficiency and rigor behind transactions.

Evolved Capital services venture backed companies, venture capital firms, corporate attorneys, and investment bankers.

CTO and Co-Founder, Nick DeLong, added “We have encapsulated our complex financial models and process management system into a simple and intuitive user interface. We believe this will markedly improve efficiency in the deal process and add significant value for our customers.”

Venture capital and angel investors, companies seeking venture investment, law firms, and investment banks will all have free access during beta testing and will receive a significant discount at launch for providing development input. Evolved Capital will also offer consulting services based on the same analytical platform to any VC firm or company that wants to externalize their financial analytics process. Signup for an account can be found at

About Evolved Capital
Evolved Capital creates efficiencies in the capital allocation and deal transaction processes for the venture capital ecosystem. Their software platform is based on a proprietary and financially rigorous model that can analyze the economic value of a term sheet from the perspective of all parties. Additional functionality supporting and streamlining the transaction process, combined with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, saves considerable time and improves returns for customers.

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