About Us

Evolved Capital is revolutionizing the allocation of capital.  Our mission is to streamline the venture capital deal process and improve deal negotiations.  Historically, venture capital investment has been a process that relies strongly on intuition and shooting from the hip. We aim to change that by providing the tools to turn venture capital investment into a methodical, organized, and financially driven process.

Venture capital deals are often very complex, and calculating returns on existing investments, let alone multiple hypothetical scenarios, can be extremely arduous and time consuming. As a result, it is often difficult or impossible to have a clear and complete picture of the potential outcome of an investment before undertaking it. Our platform provides a toolset for providing this type of analysis, literally with a single click. This includes the ability to effortlessly compare multiple investment and exit scenarios, analyze whole portfolios, and compare deal terms to aggregated market benchmark data, all using an intuitive set of visual tools.

With the advent of Web 2.0, Evolved Capital also provides a platform on which a more efficient VC marketplace can be built.  We seek to empower VCs by providing them with the tools to reach a whole new level of efficiency and increased returns. Likewise, we believe companies have been in the dark during the process of raising capital for far too long, and can benefit from a greater understanding of investment financials. We’re not a broker dealer and do not take a percentage of deals. Instead, we help both venture capital firms and companies seeking investment, acting as a de facto advisor and matchmaker. In the process, we will create a marketplace of better and more efficient venture capital investment practices.

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