The Evolved Capital team has worked together for four years since their days in grad school.  Their passion for transforming the world of finance and transactions motivates them daily. 

Geoff Meyerson

Founder and CEO

Geoff is both the visionary and financial mind behind Evolved Capital, the next generation of finance.  He designed Evolved Capital to streamline the process of allocating capital and executing transactions.  Prior to founding Evolved Capital, Geoff was a deal junkie working both on Wall Street and in companies closing 25 deals in seven years.  Geoff has concurrently co-founded Locust Walk Partners, a business development advisory firm offering transaction, strategic, and commercial advisory for the life sciences.  Before EC and LWP, Geoff worked for a venture backed company in business development.  He worked in venture capital at SR One, the VC arm of GlaxoSmithKline where he worked on eight VC deals and originally developed the idea of a comprehensive returns analysis model.  Prior to SR One, Geoff worked in business development at MedImmune, a large biotech company.  Geoff started his career as an investment banker at UBS in the healthcare banking group.  Geoff holds an MBA from The Wharton School, a MB in molecular biology from the Engineering School at the University of Pennsylvania, and a BS in Economics from Duke University.

Nick DeLong

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

Nick is the head of the technical team at Evolved Capital. He is leading the effort to design and develop the Evolved Capital application, as well as managing the security and technical infrastructure that makes it all work. Before joining EC, Nick created computer models of human and animal nervous systems as part of his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania. Transitioning from neurons and synapses to dollars and cents, Nick co-founded Evolved Capital in order to apply his expertise to modeling financial processes. Before his PhD work, Nick worked at Lockheed Martin, where he developed process management software, as well as maintaining and deploying secure computer networks. He also founded and ran a small technology consulting firm, where he and his team assisted small and medium sized companies in optimizing their operations to leverage computer and internet technology. Nick holds a BA in Computer Science and a BA in Molecular Biology from Rutgers University, and a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Pennsylvania.


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