Returns Analysis Service

What will your payout be if your company sells for $50M? How will raising VC funding affect the long-term value of your equity? While fundraising, should you try to negotiate a better valuation or a lower dividend rate? What if you need to raise more funding later?

Venture capital deals can be complex, but with Evolved Capital's returns analysis service you can decode the complexity of proposed deals and easily optimize your fundraising strategy. Our analysts will create easy to understand financial projections that will provide actionable insights. Since we'll project your returns as well as those of your investors under many different relevant scenarios, these insights will help you level the playing field and negotiate more effectively.

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Fundraising Management

Companies raising angel, venture capital, or growth equity can manage the entire fundraising process with ease.  Evolved Capital streamlines the deal process by managing the outreach to investors, tracking all meetings and interactions, noting next steps with each investor, following the status of each investor, and preparing overview statistics on the process for reporting.  This tool was built based on our experience both working in companies raising money and working as venture investors on the other side of the fundraising process. 

We have tailored our fundraising management system specifically for entrepreneurs yet maintained the flexibility to allow for customization by each user to view data however they wish.  If we don’t have something that you want, we’ll build it for you. 

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