Fundraising Management

Deal advisors often manage the deal process for their clients.  The Evolved Capital system can greatly improve efficiency by managing the outreach to investors, tracking all meetings and interactions, noting next steps with each investor, following the status of each investor, and preparing overview statistics on the process for reporting.  We have tailored our fundraising management system specifically for bankers and advisors, yet maintained the flexibility to allow for customization by each user to view data however they wish.  If we don’t have something you want, we’ll build it for you.  Please contact us for a demo or signup.

Term Sheets and Cap Tables

Track all term sheets for deals that your firm has worked on.  Using our term sheet dashboard, your bank can instantly get statistics on all of these transactions, which can be useful to report to clients contemplating a financing.  The knowledge management and firm memory benefits are significant given the relatively high turnover rate in the industry.

Returns Analysis

Helping clients to negotiate a venture financing based on precedent data is a significant value-add and a differentiator from other investment banks.  Most bankers don’t fully and accurately model the term sheets; introducing additional financial rigor can ensure clients get the best deal possible.  Help your clients understand the financial implications of various deal structures.


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