Sophisticated Analysis

Better Returns Analysis

The Evolved Capital system leverages a lightning fast analytical system to run highly sophisticated returns analysis in real-time, calculating Cash-on-Cash, Internal Rate of Return, and dollar value returns. No Excel model can match the power and flexibility of our proprietary program.

Whole Portfolio Management

Our Portfolio Projector allows VCs to look at their entire investment portfolio, complete with projected returns, at a glance. Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can test the effect a particular company’s projected exit date or valuation has on your whole portfolio. You can then export the resulting data in graphical or tabular format for use in reports or presentations.

Better Data

We store deal terms for every term sheet your firm has seen, allowing users to easily run market data analyses by transaction type, company size or industry segment. Further, since this data is inputted by you and your associates or clients, the data is accurate and dependable.


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