Save Time and Money

Save Time

Deal Analysis

Save Time!

Producing robust returns analysis with actionable data for a complicated transaction can take several days for an experienced VC, CFO, or investment banker.  What if a tool could cut that time down to less than 15 minutes and provide much more powerful analysis?  The Evolved Capital cap table, term sheet, and returns analysis system can quickly create any analysis and modify it with the click of a button. 

Deal Management

Tracking transactions and deal flow can be very time consuming.  So many CRMs from to SugarCRM take longer to learn because they are highly complicated with many more features than necessary for deal professionals.  It’s about time a simple CRM was created specifically for financing transactions that will save a lot of time versus other CRMs and Excel spreadsheets alike. 

Easy to Use

Deal Analysis

Complicated MS Excel models tend to be usable only by the person who makes them.  That’s part of the reason we started Evolved Capital.  We think the Evolved Capital returns system is easy enough for General Partners and CFOs to use, yet robust enough to rival the best models that junior staff can produce. 

Deal Management

Tracking transactions and deal flow can be a pain.  That’s why we created an easy-to-use CRM specifically for the venture capital ecosystem. Our slick interface makes our deal-related CRM intuitive for the most basic computer users.  


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